Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rang and Dale just love them some asthma

Heya, short post today as I've been having a social life and all that jazz you do on holidays. This is the respiratory section of Rang & Dale. And by respiratory I really just mean asthma.

So the first 80% of Rang & Dale is just the pathogenesis of Asthma. In short, when susceptible people are exposed to allergens, CD4 gets upset, it produces Th0, which produces Th2, which attracts granulocytes which inflame the bronchi.
Bronchodilators: B2 receptor agonists, muscularinic receptor antagonists, xanthines and cysteinyl leukotriene receptor antagonists. All are smooth muscle relaxants.
Even Rang and Dale couldn't be bothered explaining the immunosuppressant mechanisms of glucocorticoids. Just know that they quash basically all immune response and cause Cushings Syndrome.
Rang and Dale saw fit to cover a brief section on other resp conditions. Treat allergic emergencies with adrenaline, COPDh as little pharmaco management and is largely irreversible, surfactant is important in babies breathing and cough medications are largely useless.

Told you it was short, I don't even have a humourous unrelated drawing to mitigate it. So instead here is a picture of a cat with a top hat and bowtie.
I hope this is in some way pleasing to you.

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